Meet Theo! 5 Things you need to know about this Husky/Catahoula Mix Puppy!

Hello Everyone! Happy Sunday!!

For the past few weeks my boyfriend and I have found ourselves incredibly busy, juggling school, work, and of course A NEW PUPPY!

Our new puppy’s name is Theo and my boyfriend got him when he was only 8 weeks old. Theo walked into my life unexpectedly and by that I mean my sweet boyfriend gave me the surprise of a lifetime when he brought Theo home. The first week was nothing short of hectic. My boyfriend’s room was literally turned upside down and we spent a lot of our time potty training Theo and getting to know him and his puppy ways. Needless to say, the past 3 weeks have been a huge learning process for my boyfriend, Theo, and I, and I am sure we are going to learn even more as we watch Theo get older. So far, he has taught us so much and I would love to share some of the things we’ve picked up along the way!

This was taken on the day my boyfriend got Theo. He was so scared of car rides and snuggled close to us immediately.

Outdoor Time:

It is probably no surprise that a puppy loves to play outside, but Theo is mixed with a Catahoula Leopard Dog, which are commonly known as ranch dogs so he naturally loves to run out in the open and explore his surroundings. He is a curious little puppy and lets his nostrils whisk him away to new destinations. When we initially got him he was scared of every little thing and always stayed close to us. He would not climb down steps and would turn right back around to head inside if he heard another dog barking. Now, he has shed most of his fear and loves to wander, luckily, he manages to explore and stay near us as much as possible.

Theo loves to explore!

Indoor Time:

When Theo is indoors he is for the most part calm. He used to love to nap and he seemed to have more nap time than play time. As of lately, his energy seems to be on a rise and he hardly ever naps during the day, but he does chew on EVERYTHING. We have picked up everything in my boyfriend’s room and he somehow always manages to find something else. We have bought him so many chew toys and those proof to be effective at first, but once he gets bored he will find anything and everything else to chew on.


We have received major tips on getting Theo to socialize with other people and dogs and he has made that journey pretty easy going thus far. He genuinely loves people and will always stop our walk and go after other walkers and most of them cannot resist the urge to pet him. Theo will then begin the licking fest and will activate his play time mode. He loves other pets as well and will chase them down in order for him to get some more play time. Theo seems to socialize well with children as well and so far has proven to be the only match to my boyfriend’s nephew’s energy.

He loves to lay on soft grass.
Theo’s first Spring!


Most of the time Theo is a huge goofball and can be a little clumsy, but his smarticles manage to seep through his puppy brain. He has made potty training so much easier than expected. He does his business as soon as we take him out and when he is inside he will make sure to use his pee pad. He has, like all puppies, had accidents, but normally it is due to us not leaving a pee pad or not taking him out on time. He is also well mannered when we take him out. When he riding in the truck he will sit in the middle and just lay there until we reach our destination. He does not run away from us and he has not yet caused any trouble when we’ve taken him out. He is patient, calm, and will play at the park without drifting away from us or chasing other people. He is in the process of learning how to follow us when we call his name, but he seems to be getting the hang of it.

Theo at the park. His favorite place!


When we got Theo he had already received his first round of shots, so my boyfriend took him the following week to the vet so he could get his second dose. While at the vet, the first nurse suspected that Theo was blind due to his pupils being tear-shaped. The Veterinarian that examined his did a round of test and found that Theo cannot see from his peripherals. He can only see what is in front of him and not from his sides. We had noticed that Theo stumbled across things that were a little obvious, but it has been a minimal issue. I feel like he has actually gotten better at noticing his surrounding and has been bumping less into things. The Vet said that Theo was born with this issue and that dogs use their hearing and smelling senses more so he should be okay, but we still need to monitor him closely.

Other than his vision problem, Theo is healthy and energetic puppy. He is so lovable and appreciates all of the attention he gets. I feel like lately he’s been growing so fast and I would love for him to slow down a bit. We are; however, very excited to see how much he is going to grow and to experience this growing and learning experience with him.

After a full day of playtime he is ready for some rest. He is also no longer frightened of truck rides. He is more relaxed and finds a way to get comfy.

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