Trying out Holographic and Neon Mask + More! Boyfriend vs. Girlfriend Impressions

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Freeman’s Cosmic Holographic Peel Off Face Mask

  • Amethyst
  • Hydrating

Boyfriend Impressions: He did not like the initial slimy feel the mask had, but he did enjoy the cool freshness it brought once the application was done. He particularly enjoyed this mask due to the fact that it was pleasing to take off once completely dry and it left his skin feeling and appearing more vibrant. It was an immediate result that left him wanting to re-apply again in the near future.

Girlfriend Impressions: I immediately noticed how cute the mask was and the gorgeous hue it offered. I also felt like the application was relaxing and brought a refreshing feel towards the evening. My results were underwhelming. I did not feel like it benefited my skin as much as it did my boyfriend; however, I do feel like it did manage to keep my skin looking more alive and less tired. I would not wear this mask often for the fact that it did take forever for it to dry and peel off. I grew quite impatient with it.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Dragon’s Blood + Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Face Mask; by nature From New Zealand

  • 98% Natural Ingredients
  • plumping moisture fix
  • fine line softener

Boyfriend Impressions: He did not seem to enjoy the slimy application once again, but he dealt with it. He did not like this mask because the results were quite bland. He feels like the peel-off mask was better when it came to the final outcome. This sheet mask was not something he enjoyed and is less likely to be applying this mask again.

Girlfriend Impressions: This products is said to be made out of natural ingredients for the most part, but it smelled like medicine to me. It was not as pleasant wearing this sheet mask, just because of the smell it had; however, I did feel like this mask helped my skin out more than the Holographic mask. My skin felt more moisturized and firm. I also felt like my skin was a lot softer once I rinsed the excess product off. Not really a mask I want to buy often just because the smell sort of drifts me away from it. I feel like if I am going to put something on my face, I don’t want it to have a funky chemical-like smell.

Neon Vibes; Peel-Off Mask Ghosted Clean Pores

  • Kakadu Plum
  • Vitamin C – Rich
  • Helps minimize the appearance of pores
  • achieve radiant skin

Boyfriend Impressions: He seemed to really like this mask as well as the Holographic Freeman’s Mask. He did not have as much feedback, but he did enjoy the overall affect of the mask.

Girlfriend Impressions: I was pleasantly surprised with this mask. It was easier to peel off and for some reason came off faster. My skin got a little tighter and it was visibly smoother. The smell was amazing and reminded me of peaches so that is a huge plus for me. The only con I had with this mask was that it was not as neon as I expected, but I feel like that is not a big deal and will 100% wear this mask again.

Thank you so much for reading! My boyfriend and I enjoyed trying out more masks and truly look for mask that benefit our skin the most.

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