Happiness By The Sea: A sea recollection

Location: Gulf Shores, AL

I will love you as the sea loves. In gentle waves and in ferocious storms.

Nik Frederieckson

This year our beach trip came a little early, but it had it’s own perfect timing. After weeks of working daily and being slammed with 4 summer classes worth of school work, my light at the end of the tunnel finally made its appearance. It appeared as a little peace of heaven on the gulf coast of Alabama.

A sanctuary for most, a home for others. The beach and it’s wonders all come together to give out an immense atmosphere of good vibes and lovely sights. Nothing feels better than wearing a swim suit on a scorching day and soothing off the fresh tan in the cool ocean suds.

It wasn’t until our 3rd day, when I hopped in my boyfriend’s car from a walk on the beach, my swim suits still on, my tan only getting better, that I got the feeling of finally feeling at peace with myself, my body, and my life in general. For a second, I felt like I lived in another world, where I could head towards the ocean breeze at any point throughout the day and enjoy a frolic in the waves or a simple relaxed tanning session. I felt like those girls who own a million suits because after their part time jobs they will head with their friends to the beach for the afternoon. The beach offers a form of liberating contentment to me.

There’s a lush harmony present far and wide and no matter how hard it may be, I feel like not many things compare to that atmosphere. I have grown up going fishing at river and swimming in it and all that fun stuff and I find that no where near as peaceful as laying in the sand, listening to the splashing waves. A miraculous moment, when you sit back and not only wonder about what may lurk beneath the ocean surface and attempting to grasp the idea of how immense the ocean really is.

I have taken small steps to be more conscious of the environment and taking a bit of action. I am hoping that as the months go by I will get better at eliminating plastic use and helping Ocean & Planet conservationist more. I have begun this process by eliminating straw usage, using my Hydro-flask for water instead of getting a free water cup at a restaurant, and using environmentally/reef friendly sunscreen. This process can be hard because a lot of our daily usage requires plastic or things we never see damaging to the environment. I know I have a long way to go and a lot to learn and it is all very exciting.

I feel thankful, that I can enjoy a small piece of one of nature’s amazing wonders and hopeful that I will one day be able to enjoy more of it and take part in protecting is as well.

I am gladly taking all kinds of tips that will help me eliminate things that are destructive to the environment and just tips on all things I can replace with safer and more Eco-friendly products.

Mini Photo Gallery:

Pier walks.
A glimpse of the waves.
Yes these waves kicked my butt (literally).
Picturesque views.
Waves and suds.

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