3 Things I learned From Switching to 100% Natural and Non-toxic Beauty Products

Hello And Welcome Back!

Natural-sih makeup look.

Today I will be talking about a recent obsession of mine. 100% Natural and Non-Toxic beauty products. I am fairly new in this community, but I have already learned some stuff that might be beneficial for new comers.

I started this trek after watching Kourtney Kardashian’s Vogue “Get Ready with me” YouTube video. For the most part, she used natural products and seemed to be well informed about those products which made me curious about what was using on my skin and what the consequences could mean. Not only that, but she also released Poosh, where she mentions a lot of her natural and non-toxic beauty products. I am not planning on leaving normal makeup, because I still love it and how versatile it can be, but I am enjoying finding different products that help my skin more than others.

Before buying any products I did a lot of research on what items were really natural and not just cruelty-free and vegan. During this time period, I picked up some tips along the way that I will be sharing with you today.

Do your research & Take your time!

I am honestly the most impatient person in the world, so when I hopped on the 100% natural train I wanted everything in my beauty and skin care section to switch immediately. Then, I realized that I would most likely end up paying more money for products that might not even work for me. I also came to the conclusion that finding specific products can be a really difficult task. and not all websites carry the items you need. I had a specifically hard time finding a BB Cream and even now I am not sure how I feel about the one I currently have. Taking your time to research everything you need to know is imperative, because not only will it help you save money, but it could very well help you find items that you will truly love.

Enjoyed all except not a huge fan of the deodorant or BB cream.

Not all items are expensive.

Yeah, I know, sometimes the best items are expensive, but it is not an excuse to not give clean beauty a try. There are several brands out there that have items at a discounted price or even run much cheaper than others. I think these items are good for trial runs, and you never know, you could actually find one of your favorite items in a cheaper section. Personally, I like to keep a good mixture of high end and low end products. I love both equally.

One word. SKINCARE.

The amount of 100% natural and non-toxic skincare I have found throughout my journey is a bit overwhelming. However, I do find it that we are fortunate to have a lot of options to choose from. Not too long ago, I found myself stuck in the natural beauty aisle at Target, where they had everything from cleaners, moisturizers, serums, lip balms, and fragrances. Online you will find a million more options. Sure, makeup has tons of options as well, but some products are limited.

The Journey

I have had a quite successful journey so far with skincare and I am not yet content with my makeup sections, so I am currently on the journey of perfecting it. Once I get all of my sheep in a row I will be showing what items really worked for me and what items really disappointed me. Stay tuned!

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