My Go-To Lip Products for a Natural/Nude Look

So my makeup looks are constantly shifting. I love to buy new makeup, it helps me find the next big thing for my makeup routine and also enables me to find products that work for my specific skin type.

Recently, my obsession has been with nude toned lipsticks. I work my makeup around the new nude lipsticks I have gotten recently and I LOVE it. What I like about nude lipsticks is that they had a natural sultry look and it makes your look have a more minimalist vibe to it, all while carrying a chic vibe to your style.

KKW Beauty – Nude Lipstick in 2.5 Honey Nude

This is the perfect nude for my lips. Throughout the day it almost looks like the lipstick is the actual shade of my lips (it is not), which goes a long way in making my makeup look more effortless and natural. I like to pair all my nude lipsticks with a light brown lip liner or a dark rosy liner. This lipstick is $18, but currently sold out online.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Liquid Lipstick in Stripped

Another gorgeous nude. It fits right in with my skin tone to make a very close nude shade. I actually love to pair this with a clear gloss because it is a liquid lipstick and tends to dry right away. It is impeccable with the clear gloss and it has a fresh long wear appeal. This lipstick retails for $20.

KKW Beauty – Nude Lipstick in 6 Deep Brown Nude

This is a darker nude lipstick, but I love it because it adds more dimension to my makeup. It is so creamy and will last forever on my lips. It is currently available online for $18.

Kylie Cosmetics – “Exposed” Matte Liquid Lipkit

This nude tone is extremely similar to my skin tone, which obviously makes for a perfect nude. It dries fast so it is not messy at all when I add a clear gloss over it. I bought this product as a lip kit for $29.00.

I have been on a heavy hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for myself and I feel like I have finally found a good set that offers versatility for every look. The creme nude lipsticks I like to wear without a gloss. I feel like they look so good on the lips as they are and even make my lips look a little plumper. The matte liquid lipsticks I have to wear a clear gloss over them, because I have learned to despise a dry lip feeling and the gloss gives it a more glam look that will last all day and night.

Thank you so much for reading! Next, I’ll be discussing the lip glosses I can’t live without!

-Esme xoxo

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