The Winter Glow: A skin care routine for harsh weather

A Balancing Act:

What do you do when the weather is dry and frigid, but your skin is ironically a combination of both dry and oily? I asked myself that question now for several weeks and the solution has been anything but obvious. Over the course of several weeks, I have concocted a simple routine that my contradicting skin actually likes. It wasn’t easy and it is not perfect, but it has really benefited my skin thus far, plus it has helped my lazy self not feel the need to use makeup all the time! I have been loving only using two makeup product and being completely satisfied with it!

My Products:

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm – (2-3x a Day)

Clean and Clear Morning Burst – (every morning)

Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer – (daily)

Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum

Pixi by Petra Sheer Cheek Gel -Natural

Kylie Cosmetic Klear High Gloss or Lime Crime Wet Cherry Lip gloss

I use Clean and Clear’s Morning Burst in the mornings to wash my face and get the day started. Then, I use an oil-free moisturizer everyday to help reduce the oil in my t-zone area. Accompanied with this moisturizer, I will also use an all natural serum from Botanica to help enhance a natural glow. I only use this serum when I am going out to add a some extra luminosity to my day.

After washing and moisturizing, I sometimes like to add some blush. I suggest using a cream blush to add a natural rosy cheek effect. My product of preference at the moment is Pixi by Petra’s Cream Blush in the shade ‘Natural.” To finish of my look, I will add a clear gloss for an overall healthy and radiant glow. The rest of the day, I like to still upkeep my skin routine by carrying blotting wipes and some Eos chap stick.

What You Need To Know

  • Research – dig deeper into your skin type and seek for more than just the generic brands at Walgreen. Look into natural products, specific ingredients, and targeted skin problems.
  • Trial/Error – Trial and Error is a big one! You will never know until you try it. I try several types of moisturizers, serums, and cleansers throughout the season and I like to use all my product until it is gone, UNLESS, it is distressing my skin more than helping or neutralizing the issue.
  • Stay Consistent – this can be harder after attempting to trial and error some products; however, staying consistent with a product or two can make all of the difference in the world. I find that some products might work better with others and vice versa.
  • In order to help reduce waste, make sure you use up all of your products unless they are damaging to your skin health!
  • Recycle products that you have used up completely!