Summer 2020: Styling What I love

Cute Clothes and Maternity Pieces:

This summer, has been very different from my past summers. With a growing baby belly, my style has shifted from the usual high waisted shorts and crop tops to more comfortable clothing that will still have me feeling cute and ready to brace the southern hot humid air.

I have found that dresses are the easiest way to look cute fast and feel comfortable the whole day without feeling like I am trying too hard. Dresses are easier to dress up, if needed, or dress down. Most of the time my style is a bit dressed down to accommodate the casual environment of the day. What I love about dresses is that they don’t necessarily have to be maternity dresses. So far, I have only needed to size up one size to have normal dresses fit me, which is really nice because being stuck ONLY shopping for maternity clothes is something I had been dreading for throughout my pregnancy.

With that being said, I do have some love for maternity clothes and thus far have proven to be the MOST comfortable outfits I have worn this summer. They’re simple, chic, and easy to style with a pair shorts. I find myself slowly wearing more maternity clothes than my normal clothes simply because of the comfort and the fact that their actually pretty cute when paired with the right shoes and accessories.

Accessorizing with Jewelry

Jewelry, this season, has been my favorite. I love a good mixture of chic earrings or necklaces and then switching it up on a different day with a little bit of a boho chic statement pieces. I try to minimize some jewelry pieces, for instance, if I am wearing some statement earrings, I will most likely not wear a necklace, instead I will pair them with my usual rings I wear everyday. If I am not wearing earrings, then I will add a dainty choker or even a necklace. I love a cute bohemian style, I feel like it adds so much texture and fluidity to an outfit while keeping it riveting with a clean touch of chic.

My style is evolving everyday, I love casual days, where I don’t worry about following a specific style and at the same time, I love going through Free People and Anthropology and finding inspirations for a more evolved boho-chic style. I try not to stress so much about having a strict “style” and instead love to mix it up and have some fun experimenting with different pieces; however, recently I have been leaning to a more minimal boho style. It is always fun switching up vibes because it means doing a little bit of retail therapy and the challenge of searching for cute inexpensive items to fill up my closet.

I look forward to updating my ever changing style within this season and sharing my new interest and inspirations as I tread onto this new territory called motherhood! To find out where I find most of my lifestyle inspiration make sure to check out my Pinterest and Instagram!

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