Healthy Habits And Tips That Can Lead To A Healthy and Happy Delivery

Experiencing your first pregnancy can be just as exciting as it is stressful. The overwhelming feeling of knowing that life is growing inside of you is a huge responsibility, so it is natural to want to accomplish everything in your power to make things go smoothly and have a happy and healthy baby at the end of your journey.

I entered this new world not knowing much of prenatal care, but as I progressed through each trimester I learned a good bit about these new habits and I do feel like they were the secret ingredient to feeling good both physically and mentally throughout the nine months.

Of course, it goes without saying, that everyone has different body chemistry and some things that worked for me might not work for others. I do; however, firmly believe that the new habits I grew accustomed too could benefit a lot of pregnant ladies one way or another.

1st Trimester : The Morning Sickness

Before I knew I was pregnant, I was experiencing severe morning sickness accompanied with heartburn. I did everything I could naturally do to feel better.

  • No coffee – too acidic
  • No spicy- caused heartburn and made nausea worse
  • No fried or greasy food – the thought of fast food made me sick
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit – I craved cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, and pineapple a lot and eased my nausea
  • Bland, easily seasoned meals- as nasty as that may sound, it felt good to have a nice, warm, and bland meal as it was easy on my stomach

Unfortunately, I was one of those people who had morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy and at some point my natural ways to relieve it were not enough and I was losing weight instead of gaining it, so my doctor had to prescribe me some medicine.

This was one of the first photos I took of my pregnancy. The tiredness and morning sickness made me not care about pics through the first trimester. I was roughly 4 months pregnant.

2nd Trimester: Feeling Normal Again

My first trimester also consisted of extreme fatigueness, meaning my bedtime went from midnight to 7PM daily. At the start of my second trimester, that tiredness dissapeared and I started to feel like myself again. Everything was going smoothly until the end when I failed my sugar test. Thankully, I only failed by one point and only got tested once, so my nutritionist didn’t even make an appointment to meet me. She recommened that I just needed to excercise a little more and drink plenty of water and I most likely did not need a new diet. I, however, decided to change my diet around and not risk anything.

  • Limit sweets ( cut sugary drinks completely)
  • limit carbs and fast foods
  • Add lots of greens and veggies to your meals
  • Drink lots and lots and lots of water (VERY BENEFICIAL FOR LABOR AND DELIVERY)
  • Walk at least 30-40 min (or equivalent version of exercise daily)
  • Do not skip any meals
I was around 5-6 months pregnant here.

3rd Trimester: Last Months To Enjoy Some “Me Time”

During this month I still followed my diet, with a few cheat days here and there. Along with a structured routine, I also added some me time and plenty of rest time according to what my body needed.

  • Enjoy and make each of your meals fresh
  • Eat lots of cherries (improves blood flow to the placenta)
  • Slow down walks as necessary ( twoard the end I would cut my walks short due to tummy tightness)
  • Read books
  • Focus on your self care routine (since you might not have one after your baby arrives)
  • Pace yourself (even though I felt good throughout this trimester, I still had to tell myself to slow down at times)
6 Months pregnant in Nashville.
7 Months taking a nature walk.
This was only a few days before I gave birth.

Pregnancy Roundup :

Overall, I really enjoyed my pregnancy experience, despite a few hurdles along the way. I had always heard how terrible the last trimester was with swelling, no sleep, extreme fatigueness, back pain, and a huge belly. I was blessed that I did not experience any of those symptoms. For the most part I felt pretty normal and still listened to my body and its needs. I also feel that the healthy habits I developed halfway through my pregnancy made it easier for me in the end, especially for my labor and delivery (but that’s another blog post).

Carrying a baby and bringing life into the world is hard and so are adapting to new habits. At the end of the day, everyone has to find out what works for them and what doesn’t. My pregnancy was not perfect, I still had plenty of issues and other side effects; however, I enjoyed every second of it and I hope these few tips can help a new momma out there enjoy their pregnancy as much as possible.

What are some things you followed throughout your pregnancy that you feel made things easier, smoother, healthier, or even just bearable!? Make sure to leave a comment below with what worked the best for you!

This was taken a day before my labor started.

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