The Coffee Series My coffee order and what I’m loving this season

What I’m drinking at home:

Before my pregnancy, I would always stop by Starbucks before work for my daily venti dose of iced lattes, but now, my time is taken up by a cute little munchkin, so stopping by Starbucks is not a daily or even frequent occurrence for me anymore. Thankfully, my new obsession does not need a Starbucks trip! Recently, I’ve been loving Chameleon Cold Brew Concentrate. I use oat milk or any type of milk to dilute it a bit and then add creamer of choice to add some flavor. It’s so yummy, I tend to make this drink in the morning and in the afternoon for a little pick me up.

My Starbucks Order:

I love iced vanilla latte’s from Starbucks. It has been my go to drink for years, but currently I’ve been ordering it with a little kick. The salted cream cold foam does add a little bit sweeter taste to it, so if that is not your thing I would suggest adding an extra shot of espresso. I feel like it is not as sweet as the caramel macchiato, but my coffee senses have had a little shift since my pregnancy,

Other Coffee Shops or restaurant order:

If their is cold brew, that is what I am getting. I had this French Roast cold brew from one of out local brunch/breakfast restaurants and it was amazing, I had to grab one to go.

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