Is it worth the splurge? Noni Glow Face Oil by kora Cosmetics

Pregnancy & Skincare

Skincare can seem a bit intimidating during pregnancy. Your hormones are all over the place and each trimester might seem like a completely different era with your skin type. For most of my pregnancy I dealt with severely dry skin, opposed to my previously oily skin. I tried several serums and moisturizers and for some reason the usual drugstore products I used did not seem to be enough.

Organic Skincare

Around my third trimester I listened to the Beauty Closet podcast featuring Miranda Kerr. She talked about her skincare line Kora Organics and her passion towards producing a clean and healthy brand for the whole family. I loved her story, the mission, and what Kora Organics stood for so by the end of the episode I was sold.

Noni Glow Face Oil

After doing my research and checking out their website, I came to the conclusion that my best option was going to be their Face Oil. Although, it seemed pricey to me at first, I felt that my skin was in desperate need of a high quality product.

I started using the oil in June and religiously applied it after cleansing my face and before moisturizing. Because my skin was so dry, I noticed a change immediately. It took around a week to two weeks for my “pregnancy glow” to kick in and after that, I got compliments about my complexion and I also noticed how clear and healthy my skin looked. Of course, I did drink a ton of water so I know that the face oil was not the sole reason why my skin seemed so well nourished.

I gave birth in August and resumed using the oil after my pregnancy as well. Of course, my hormones have been fluctuating so I have had to alter some products that I use, but I still use this oil, just not as often as before. I love that the oil is meant for both dry and oily skin and perfect for sensitive skin like mine.

Skincare Routine

  • Cleanse face in the morning
  • Apply Noni Glow Face Oil
  • Apply preferred moisturizer (I use Glow watermelon serum)

My current routine is VERY simple and I keep it that way so I can cater to my baby’s unpredictable needs. I’ve learned as a mom to become more efficient with my time in order to spend the most time taking care of my baby without completely eliminating some “me” time.

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