The Chic look: Styling Black Oversized Sweater

The Mood

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons because the oversized sweater looks come back into play. I love wearing oversized sweaters for the comfort they bring, the cute look you can acquire, and the fact that you can dress them up or dress them down.

This outfit has been one of my favorites of the season because it is versatile and the pieces can be used in so many different ways. I am excited to try more outfits out with these pieces when we transition into colder winter weather.

The Look

I have been searching for a very oversized sweater and this did just the part. I love that it is a bit distressed from the hem and the collar area, it gives it an edgy look without giving up any comfort.

I love how the boots are up to my knew. I feel like it gives the outfit a sleek edgy vibe. They can make a simple look instantly more detailed and dressed up and I love that these boots make me feel more confident with every stride. I also took the pleasant surprise of finding them quite comfortable. I know some boots are known to be a little more on the uncomfortable side so the fact that I could walk in these all day without any discomfort and no blisters was a huge plus for me.

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