The Christmas Series: Our classic take on a Traditional Christmas theme

Hey guys, today I want to share our Christmas tree that marks our early start on all of the Christmas festivities. We actually got our tree around the first week of November, it is a 9 in, pre-lit, tree from Lowes.

This year we decided that we wanted a more classic & vintage Christmas theme in our house. So instead of the trendy pink and white trees with rose gold decor, we opted for a more traditional and home-y vibe. So far we predominately bought the Christmas tree decorations separately instead of in bulk. We went to Wal-Mart and picked out several of their individual ornaments and went for the old-style looking ones. I love how they look on the Christmas and give it such a nostalgic feel that takes you back in time to past Christmases. The whole point of buying indiviual ornaments is so that our tree looks more personalized and unique. We also had so much fun picking them out and I am hoping soon we’ll be able to add in a few more ornaments from Target.

Our star is also from Wal-Mart and we chose this specific one because it twinkles like our Christmas tree lights. This is probably my all-time favorite feature of our tree is how the lights have different settings to where some of the lights will twinkle in different rhythms. It gives off a very “magical” Christmas feeling in our living room.

Our skirt is from Target and my fiancé is the one who picked it out. He made sure it gave off that vintage Christmas theme without it clashing with the red tile in our family room.

And here are some pics of our tree lit up at night!

We are still working on the rest of our Christmas decor around the house, but once we have it all figured out I’ll upload an update in everything for more details!

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