Baby Room Tour: What we love, hate, and can’t live without!

Baby Room Theme: Bright & Airy with a mix of girly boho

Okay so I am finally ready to share Naomi’s room with the world! I have shared a few details here and there on social media before she was born, but a lot has changed since then, as I knew it would! Thankfully, we are finally settled and I feel like her room has really come together over the past few months. It is actually my favorite space to hang out with my daughter and I cannot wait to share more with you all!

So her theme has been very scattered, as I had nothing in mind to begin with. I really just wanted something cute and girl. Now, I have added a few boho accents and looking forward to adding some more; however, the rest of her room is very bright and airy and it feels so comfy for both baby and mama. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect and we are still working on some things, but overall I feel like her room is exactly how its meant to be.

What We Love:

  • We love the simple/clean look her room gives off and also how spacious it is, even with all of her toys and furniture!
  • I love the color scheme and how bright everything appears, Her room also has a whole wall of windows which gives off lots of natural light.

What we Hate:

  • I most love her room so their is nothing to hate on my end!
  • Stephen hates the blinds, the closet size, and color scheme (he’s more into a more modern trendy look).
  • It is not the warmest room in the house (which I dislike this fact, but I feel like it can be easily fixed.)

What We Can’t Live Without:

  • Baby Wipe Heater! A must! Naomi hated diaper changes and I am convinced this helped overcome those tough crying changes.
  • Sound machine – We use the Hatch sound machine! We will play rain at night and during the day in her room we will play the lullaby song during nap time, diaper changes, and tummy time!
  • Rocking chair. No need to explain this one!
  • We love that her crib came with a changing table! It is super convenient because it comes with drawers for extra storage.
  • Smell blocking Diaper Pail – no further explanation needed on this one either.

Our rocking chair is from a local furniture gifted to us from my fiancé’s parents! Also my mom knitted the blanket laying on the rocking chair. It’s my favorite!

Naomi’s room is actually my favorite room in our whole house because it feels so perfect all of the time. The rest of our house can be a mess but her room is always a peaceful zone (when she’s not crying lol).

Below are some helpful links of some of the items we love!

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